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Re: What pundits think of Arsenal...

Posted by: "Joshua317"   joshua317

Sat Jan 5, 2008 7:47 am (PST)

Hey Anand,
Thank u for your kind remarks.
If you think my comments are good enough for the press, please
forward it to the editor.
Credit it to - my Arsenal blog.


--- In, "K. Anand" <anand_k_pillai@...>
> Hi Joshua Gooner,
> Your comments below are excellent! Spot on what has been
happening the past month. It's very frustrating for us Gooners, but
as someone has said already, we just need to believe in the team
ourselves and not worry about pundits/critics/ex-players as well as
other supporters.
> You should be contributing your comments below to the website as
well as write to the papers. If you want the email to send to get it
published in The Star's football pullout on Fridays, let me know.
> Regards,
> Anand
> GOONER for Life!
> Joshua317 <joshua317@...> wrote: It
always amazes me how fast the local press and football pundits
> everywhere would jump into conclusions about Arsenal. When the
> play well for one or two games, they will quickly join in the
> But when the Gunners draw a game and somehow lost the lead in the
> table after the game at Portsmouth, the word 'crisis' appears to
> The Gunners had a run of 4 away games beginning at the end of
> at Sevilla where they lost the game after fielding a 2nd string.
> have already qualified and a few players were injured or needed
> A few days later they scrap passed a good Villa side on 1 December
> with a Flamini special. Injuries and fatigue took its toll, and
with a
> few players out, they struggled against Newcastle and drew on the
> November a mid week fixture. The pundits were ready to pounced
> Boro shocked Arsenal with its first lost of the season at the
> fixture on 9 December.
> Clearly suffering from lost of key players such as Cesc, Flamini
> Helb, they lost the game against a spirited Boro side. Without
> and Cesc, the team lacked creativity and mustered only a few
shots on
> goal.
> The pundits where quickly writing the Gunners off. They were
> predicting losses to Chelsea and called the game against Spurs
the a
> great test. Of course, the Gunners rose to the challenge without
> Flamini and Helb and beat Chelsea and Spurs, while the Younger
> beat a good Blackburn side in mid week in the Carling Cup.
> Then the tune changed again, the pundits were praising how
> great the team depth was that Arsenal can field an entirely
> team and still beat Blackburn.
> Then the pundits in ESPN came out saying, looking at the fixtures
> the hectic Christmas period, they believe that Arsenal would drop
> most points compared to the other top 3 teams, with most pundits
> saying the Devils were unstoppable since Ronaldo can't stop
> They predicted the MU would gain 9/9 points, Chelsea 9/9,
> 9/9 and Arsenal 6/9.
> Arsenal had to play 2 tough away games in Portsmouth and Everton
> the space of 2 days and then entertain West Ham at home on new
years day.
> A lack lustre performance and unlucky draw against Portsmouth, and
> with MU winning their game and boom everyone was writing "crisis"
> again and saying how MU now is unstoppable, etc etc.
> The pundits came out guns blazing and some fans were predicting
> worst. Then 5/6 pundits have the cheek to predict that Everton
> beat Arsenal at this current state.
> We all know the results, Arsenal thumped Everton and then did the
> double over the Hammers who beat MU the match before.
> Now everyone is praising Arsenal again.
> This Arsenal team who has been written off as also rans because
of the
> lack of big name signings and youth have proven time and again it
> the will and the talent and the guts to win in tough physical
> held its own against the top 3 and also capable of defending
leads. It
> has shown it is capable of varying its game - which is
frightening -
> and shocked the likes of Everton and West Ham with route 1
> It is winning ugly, winning by route 1.
> No defense now can keep a highline and crowd the mid field and get
> away with it.
> After 20 games played, it is time that people and pundits alike
> Arsenal as a credible title contender. This team isn't the same
one 1
> or 2 years ago. It has matured, it has developed more variety to
> tactics and they are tough.
> Time for pundits to stop using the crisis word everytime Arsenal
> a game or two.
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