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Re: Successor for Wenger From: Sigi vanilli
Wenger's successor From: Yippy



Re: Successor for Wenger

Posted by: "Sigi vanilli"   sigivanilli

Fri Sep 28, 2007 2:40 am (PST)

Well there has been good response from all of you...especially on bergy does not fly. How did I had overlook on that?

Ah Weng is currently reaching 60 and by the time his contract expires he would be 63. Judging at his age now, he does not look as active as below and has indicated his intentions of retiring a year or two back if I am not mistaken. This period of 3 extention period is the best time for him to groom his successor. Some of u suggest Adams while others feel Mau..rhinho or Pat Rice.....all are worthy candidate....Both Adams and Mau Rhinho are strong candidates given that they are still young and can serve the Club for another 10 years at minimum.

About Adams's quality as a player has we have no doubt abt his credentials about managing a big club like Arsenal is something unproven.

Lets Flash back to real cases of Liverpool of the 80's, they had a great dynasty in the late 70's up to early 90's. They were doing great untill disaster struck with them in the form of appointing a wrong manager i.e Souness. When souness stepped in it has caused the continuity of the BOOT room tradition to collapse leading to an exodus of upcoming talented players. Fergie saw it coming and brought Manyoo to a different level...How long has Liverpool being in the shadows of Manyoo...?

Sounness was a good player but a very poor manager as a whole. We know how good is he. ...He screwed up liverpool, then came Southamption and followed up Newcastle. Another classic example would be Kevin Keegan.
Do we deserve that kind of disaster ?

As Kavi and most of us have debated over the past regarding Mau.. Rhinho. He has a disgusting character which overshadows all his postive attributes and different philosophy of the game as well. Now the question is can he utilise the current crop of players we have and continue the tradition of the playing sexy football. This is remain to be seen

How about others like Othman Hitzfield? Klinsmann? Zico? van basten? Rijkaard?...If anybody has any other candidate your welcome to suggest...

Good lets make a pool of vote first we nominate candidates and then make a pool to as to who is the most fav successor for Ah Weng.

Adios my gooners

"Anandan, Kaviraj" <> wrote:
In all fairness, when Arsene took over Arsenal, he was a "Arsene Who"
person. He was not well known, let alone special. But with a name like
that, I would like to think that he just belongs to the club.
Mounrinho, as I mentioned in one of my previous post, is a great
manager. He does have that enormous charisma, but I do have a problem
with his attitude over football in general. Blaming the referee,
negative football, hypocrisy.


Wenger's successor

Posted by: "Yippy"   kycheong6

Fri Sep 28, 2007 3:07 am (PST)


I am sure being the visionary he is, Wenger would have probably made
one or two glances elsewhere to be his successor. But I can bet,
Moaner would never be considered if Wenger and the current board
have their way. Mainly because they would want to retain the way
Arsenal plays football and the fact that although he was financially
successful, Moaner would not bring the best out of the breed of
players Wenger has created.

We may probably see someone like Le Guen or as many here have said
Tony Adams. While Le Guen may epitomise Wenger's style of football,
Tony would be the front runner because of what he is to the club.
But the latter still has lots to learn and his tutelage under Harry
Redknapp at Portsmouth would be a good learning curve. However, he
must take that step up and maybe become Wenger's number two
sometime. Playing in a CL team and managing one is totally
different. And would be nice to have some of Wenger's management
skills rub off him. Then again, maybe he just prefers coaching like
Pat Rice to actually managing one.

It doesn't matter who takes over but after more than 10 years of
Wenger, I would dread to go back to the old long ball merchant
days. Another important thing is the successor value the EPL more
than CL. I wouldn't want Arsenal to turn into another Liverpool.
The Reds have turned into a Cup team. The rotation system will
rotate Liverpool out of the EPL. That is why if anything, I see us
against Manure challenging for it this year.

The Sevilla coach looks reasonable but would he command the same
attraction as Wenger. That is another issue, we are at the level
where we need someone with enough presence and charisma to attract
players. Players come to Arsenal because of Wenger and his style of
football. The successor would have to project this image if not
more. Sure we may buy big players thereafter but it shouldn't be in
the expense of growing resentment among players currently in the
Arsenal set up.

The nest person has a very big pair of shoes to fill.

As for Bergkamp, he has said it before, he is not interested in
managing a team. However, would he consider being a coach?


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